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At Three Rooker Therapy, we offer specialized occupational therapy services for pediatric, perinatal, and pelvic floor care.

Pediatric Occupational Therapy

Addressing a spectrum of developmental needs, from general delays to specific diagnoses, through personalized interventions designed to engage and empower children through play.


Why It's Important: Pediatric occupational therapy lays the foundation for children to develop essential skills, fostering independence, confidence, and social-emotional well-being. Early intervention can mitigate challenges and maximize a child's potential for success in school and life.


Common Issues: Children may struggle with fine motor skills, sensory processing, social interaction, or activities of daily living. Some may have diagnoses such as autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, or developmental delays.

How We Can Help: Our experienced pediatric team creates individualized treatment plans tailored to each child's unique strengths and challenges. Through engaging activities and therapeutic techniques, we empower children to overcome obstacles, build essential skills, and thrive in all areas of life.


Early Intervention Services

Empowering infants and toddlers to reach developmental milestones and thrive through personalized interventions designed to support their growth and development.


Why It's Important: Early intervention plays a crucial role in addressing developmental delays and disabilities during the critical early years of a child's life. By providing support and guidance at this crucial stage, we can help children reach their full potential and achieve long-term success.


Common Issues: Infants and toddlers may experience delays in areas such as communication, motor skills, cognitive development, and social-emotional functioning. Some children may have diagnoses such as developmental delay, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, or sensory processing disorder.


How We Can Help: Our early intervention team specializes in working with young children and their families. We provide comprehensive assessments, individualized therapy plans, and family-centered support to address each child's unique needs. Through play-based interventions and caregiver coaching, we empower children to develop essential skills, enhance their independence, and build a strong foundation for future growth and learning.

Early Intervention

Pelvic Floor Therapy

Addressing pelvic floor dysfunction, including urinary incontinence, pelvic pain, and postpartum recovery, through evidence-based interventions that restore function and improve quality of life.


Why It's Important: Pelvic floor health is essential for urinary and bowel function, sexual health, and overall well-being. Pelvic floor dysfunction can significantly impact quality of life, causing discomfort, embarrassment, and limitations in daily activities.


Common Issues: Individuals may experience urinary incontinence, pelvic pain, pelvic organ prolapse, or sexual dysfunction. These issues can arise due to pregnancy, childbirth, aging, surgery, or underlying medical conditions.


How We Can Help: Our pelvic floor rehabilitation program offers personalized assessment and treatment plans to address each individual's unique needs and goals. Through targeted interventions, including pelvic floor exercises and education, we empower clients to regain control, reduce symptoms, and improve their quality of life.

Perinatal Therapy

Supporting mothers-to-be and new parents through the journey of pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum recovery with expert guidance on wellness, preparation, and adjustment.


Why It's Important: Perinatal occupational therapy promotes maternal well-being and prepares parents for the physical, emotional, and lifestyle changes associated with pregnancy, childbirth, and early parenthood. It enhances resilience, bonding, and the ability to navigate challenges effectively.


Common Issues: Expectant mothers may experience discomfort, stress, or anxiety related to pregnancy, childbirth preparation, or postpartum recovery. New parents may struggle with breastfeeding, infant care, or adjusting to their new roles and responsibilities.


How We Can Help: Our perinatal team offers comprehensive support and education to help mothers and families navigate the perinatal journey with confidence and resilience. Through tailored interventions and practical guidance, we empower individuals to embrace parenthood and nurture their own well-being.

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